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You need to get working on your book 1Do you want access to practical, proven ideas on how you can grow your profile as a business professional, so that you can get noticed and stand out as offering superior value? Through Your Expertise Edge, you’ll learn each week about topics including how to gain speaking opportunities, why it’s important for you to get your ideas published in niche media your clients know and trust, and effective use of social media. It’ll be delivered to your in-box each Friday.

As a bonus, you’ll get a copy of a free e-book, “You need to get working on your book right now,” a practical guide based on my success in publishing five books of my own, and helping my clients publish several of theirs.

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As a consultant, I know that “having a book” is a great way to stand out and build credibility with potential clients, and before reading Carl's eBook, I had no idea where to start. Carl’s insights, based on publishing five books and helping several clients publish theirs, can help you move your book from “someday” to “published.” Highly recommended for any consultant who wants to publish a book but needs help getting started, choosing a publishing method, and finding the support they need to make it happen. Tsavo Neal, Tsavo Neal Consulting

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