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Does your firm need to stand out by showing expertise and thought leadership? We can help you create and publish thought leadership content that shows your firm’s capabilities. And, we do it in a way that makes it easy for your firm’s professionals to convey their ideas. Find out how we help business professional firms reach potential clients … three different ways.


Get published

Senior-level potential clients invest significant time learning about the issues affecting their world, through reading their niche professional and business media. So, put your firm’s message where they’re already looking – by getting your ideas published in your ideal clients’ niche print and electronic media.

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Build your platform

You need to build potential clients into actual clients, through giving them information they’ll find useful, so they’ll keep coming back for more. We’ll help you generate a steady flow of high-value blog posts and other content, This will make your firm’s ideal clients want to follow your social media and email list.

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Thought Leadership Videos

How can you persuade potential clients that your firm’s people are good to work with and able to get results? Thought leadership video brings across your firm’s expertise – and also conveys personality. We help you create videos that are the next best thing to an in-person meeting, when it comes to building relationships.

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Latest in Thought Leadership Resources

#124 3 ways marketers can gain cooperation from fee-earners

One of my clients recently asked about how to get better cooperation from the subject-matter experts (SMEs) who are the authors of the content. My work for this firm is mostly around ghosting content based on interviews, PowerPoints and other written materials, and it’s what’s now called “thought leadership content marketing.”

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#123 How to write project descriptions that help your firm sell

Many project descriptions are just-the-facts descriptions of what was done on a project. This format misses out on some huge opportunities to help sell the firm’s services. To do this, a project description needs to engage the reader, keep them reading, and by the end the reader has learned something useful.

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#122 Reach the C-suite indirectly, through the professionals they rely on

If your firm needs to reach senior-level executives – the C-suite – to present your services, it can be difficult to get a chance. Senior people are guarded by assistants, voice mail, a never-ending schedule of meetings, and frequent travel. They’re not likely to see your e-mails, take your calls, return your voice mails, or be at any networking events you can get into.

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