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How to find a focus for your message

In my work with independent business professionals, I find many of them asking, where do I start in building my profile as a subject-matter expert?

In this video, I’m going to help you pick an area of expertise to focus on.

I’m Carl Friesen, founder of Thought Leadership Resources, and my answer is based on 15 years of experience helping professionals show their expertise.

Back when I was pushed out of a corporate job, I knew that I needed to build my own consulting practice, and build it quickly. So I focused on developing content around the question I got asked most often by the people I wanted as clients: “How do I publish content that shows my expertise effectively?” That’s where I focused my articles, speeches, blog posts and other marketing efforts.

And you can do this too – in finding out what to focus on in your marketing, think of the questions you get asked most, by the people you want to serve. It could be about how to save money, how to increase sales, or something else. But find the question that’s the biggest for them, and then develop answers around that.

So, to summarize – think of the questions your clients have, and then focus your content on those issues.

So if you know another business professional who doesn’t know where to start in being seen as a thought-leader, please share this video. To learn more, please see our website, where you’ll find a growing resource on how you can become seen as an expert in your field.

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Carl Friesen

Carl is the Founder of the Thought Leadership Resources and helps business professionals gain the skills they need to build their profile as subject-matter experts and thought leaders.

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