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First of all, who’s “us?”

It’s mostly me, Carl Friesen. But I’ve built a team of other business professionals who support the work with their own skills and talents in proofreading, copy editing, transcription, graphic design, web strategy and other fields. I couldn’t do this without them.

But of course, you want to know whether I can help you get a good review on your next performance appraisal (how’s that for transparency?). Here’s what I’ve got to offer. You need someone who:

Can get results with the news media
I have a graduate degree in journalism, several years of experience as a reporter, editor and freelancer, and over 15 years of experience helping business professionals build their media profile. So, I understand the sometimes-prickly nature of the editors I work with, and how to help them get what they want (so you can get what you want). I have a good track record with dozens of key editors, so I can be your advocate in getting your firm’s content published.

Experience working with business professionals
In the 15+ years of doing this work, I’ve come to love working with the sometimes-geeky but always fascinating subject-matter experts I support. I know how to ask the right questions to uncover the client issues that they solve. I’m familiar with the challenges they face (time pressures!) and have developed ways to get the most results from the minimum of their time.

Work well with firm leadership and marketing professionals
With ten years’ experience on the marketing staff of two global professional firms (in accounting and environmental engineering), I know the pressures that the leaders of these firms face. I also know how to work effectively with the marketing team to help them gain their objectives in a way that they can count on.

Academic and professional qualifications
Okay, I get it, you need to know if I have the credentials to do this.

  • I have a BA in Geography, a graduate degree in Journalism, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Toronto (currently on most global Top Ten B-School lists)
  • I’ve given literally hundreds of speeches on topics including professional services marketing, across the USA and Canada
  • I’m a frequent contributor to “Marketer,” the official publication of the Society for Marketing Professional Services
  • I’ve published five books on the marketing of professional services
  • For more … see my LinkedIn profile

Human stuff
So who am I?
  • I’m a former journalist who’s been writing for publication since the age of 21
  • I live in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, work mostly from a home office (as well as coffee shops, public transit and hotel rooms)
  • I try to limit my environmental footprint  -- working from a home office will do that, as will the use of videoconference (I love Zoom), public transit, and my bicycle. I’m MOSTLY vegan to reduce my carbon, energy and water footprint
  • I’m a committed Christian, but I like to think, of the non-scary kind
  • I cycle, Nordic ski, hike, and do a lot of walking in the forested ravine near our house
  • Since 2011, I’ve been a volunteer at the Dixie-Bloor Neighbourhood Centre, teaching a monthly workshop on LinkedIn for job-seekers
  • In my work, I try to create opportunities for people who have difficulty connecting with economic opportunity (which is why I work with a transcriber in Cairo, and a proofreader near Nairobi). I mentor people and probably take on more pro-bono work than I should.

Walking the talk on thought leadership

If you’re considering someone who can help build the profile of professionals in your firm, you want to work with someone who walks the talk.

Speeches and workshops

Society for Marketing Professional Services: presented to chapters in New England, Baltimore, Indiana, Upstate New York, New York, Northeast Ohio, Central Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Institute for Management Consulting: chapters in Washington DC, Michigan, St. Louis, Philly, “Confab” conference in Reno
Canadian Association of Management Consultants: Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver
Also: Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto; International Association of Business Communicators, Toronto; Healthcare Consultants’ Association (keynote), Chicago


The Fame Game, 2002
Publishing Magazine Articles, 2003
The Fame Game 2.0, 2012
Your Expertise Edge, 2013
Your Firm’s Expertise Edge, 2015

Podcast and Webinar guest appearances

Society for Marketing Professional Services, webinar, 2014
The Engineering Career Coach Podcast, 2016
Trafcom News podcast, 2016
Association of Independent Information Professionals webinar, June 2016
Philip Morgan Consulting, podcast, July 2016

Articles published

Content Marketing Institute, Business2Community, PM Forum (London), Marketer (Society for Marketing Professional Services), National (Canadian Bar Association),, Management Consulting News, Canadian Consulting Engineer, Consulting & Specifying Engineer

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