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What we do and why we do it

Our company is a “virtual” company – I work with a range of other independent creatives to produce results for our clients. So here’s what we do, and why. First, the “why.”

Working with really smart people

If you’re reading this page, you’re likely in some aspect of professional services management or marketing – engineering, environmental science, consulting, law, accounting or some other field. You likely love, as I do, working with really smart people who are passionate about what they do. Just recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

  • A consulting archaeologist in Ottawa, Canada who helped preserve the remains of Aboriginal settlements under what is now Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada
  • A geoscientist in Redmond, USA who is helping make geothermal power a practical solution to the world’s energy needs
  • A water quality specialist who helped purify mine water from a former coal mine in South Africa so it provides good drinking water for a nearby community

They’re using their skills to make the world a better place, and their clients are paying them to do it. And probably like you, I love that I get to work with them and help them get more of the work they most want to do.

Thought leadership content that persuades

That last point matters, because as anyone in professional services knows, what gets in the way is not so much around doing the work, it’s getting the work. All that expertise goes to waste if that business professional isn’t generating billable hours. And some business professionals, while insanely busy pumping out hours, are doing work that is low-margin, unfulfilling, or serving an industry they don’t like.

Part of the answer lies in developing content that shows the professional’s ability to get results for the kinds of clients they most want to serve. But to get there, it’s essential to create that content, and that’s where this tends to stop. Many busy professionals don’t want to take the time to create really useful content, and many lack the skills to do so. Sometimes, what they produce is so pushy and sales-oriented that any listener, viewer or reader will just click away or turn the page.

That’s the need we serve – helping business professional firms show their expertise through creating no-sales-pitch thought-leadership content. This helps members of those firms get more of the work they love to do, and the world is better for their expertise. That’s our “why.”

Focus on what you do best, outsource the rest

Now, about the “how.”

Professional services firms are accustomed to the idea that organizations should focus on their core competencies and whenever appropriate, find someone else to do the rest. It’s what they preach to their own clients. So, they are often responsive to the idea of finding someone with expertise in content generation, to generate that content.

Simply put, many business professionals struggle for hours to produce a blog post or an article. I can interview that person and inside of about 40 minutes, can gather enough information to ghost-write a first draft. It’s much easier for the named author of the article, because they just have to talk, and I’ll ask the questions. They correct any aspects of the article they don’t like. The article gets done, and there’s no need to push and nag at the author to meet a deadline.

Often, the content in the article can be reworked into a speech, series of blog posts or an infographic.

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