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You need to build potential clients into actual clients, through giving them information they’ll find useful, so they’ll keep coming back for more. We’ll help you generate a steady flow of high-value blog posts and other content, This will make your firm’s ideal clients want to follow your social media and email list.

Many business professional firms want to build a reputation as experts in their field, through publishing thought leadership content. Good content draws potential clients, who learn what the firm offers … and then become actual clients.

Publishing your own thought leadership content is a big part of the marketing picture for many firms. The problem: creating all that content takes time. A lot of time, time that has taken your firm’s members away from billable work, from essential things like spending time with their kids, and even sleeping.

That's where we come in. We’ll work with you to create blog posts, articles, white papers and other content that you publish on your firm’s website and through its social media.

This will involve working with members of the management or marketing team to get an idea of what expertise the firm wants to be known for, and who are the intended spokespersons for that expertise.  We’ll take it from there – working with the author of the content to develop the topic, interviewing them to get information to prepare the text, and working with the author on revisions.

One core principle of our way of working: Avoid the approach of deciding on topics based on what your firm wants to talk about. Rather, topics should be based on the major burning issues, questions and problems your ideal clients are facing. It’s the only way to get their attention, and show them that you can help them where they need it most.

We’ll make sure that the content has a good chance of being found by the prospective clients you want to find it, with good SEO practice. We’ll help by crafting a keyword-rich URL, and will provide you with tweets and summaries for social media.

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