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How can you persuade potential clients that your firm’s people are good to work with and able to get results? Thought leadership video brings across your firm’s expertise – and also conveys personality. We help you create videos that are the next best thing to an in-person meeting, when it comes to building relationships.

Imagine your ideal client, who’s seriously considering hiring your firm. They like the resumes of your people – but they just don’t know if that all-important interpersonal chemistry is there. How can you convince this person that your firm’s people are good to work with?

Bring that expertise and personal touch across long-distance -- through with thought leadership video. Video has an ability to convey personality and character, providing reassurance to potential clients.

And recent changes in the business world make it so much easier to create thought leadership videos, even without being in the same location. The trend towards remote working means that more people are able to come across effectively through a webcam and computer screen. They have good headsets, acceptable backdrops, and quiet locations. It’s easy to record video using Zoom, MS Teams, Skype and other video conferencing programs.

Simple steps towards creating videos

  1. I’ll work with you and your subject matter expert (SME) on the message to be conveyed through the video, and the points to bring across.
  2. I’ll create a draft of a storyboard, that indicates the spoken content on one side, and a description of the visual to be shown on screen. After this has been okayed at your end, it’ll be up to your SME to convey those ideas in speech.
  3. I’ll set up a video call and record the presentation – maybe several times if needed, to get a take that is acceptable.
  4. I’ll produce the video, adding still images and stock video footage to bring it to live. I’ll add titles, opening and closing slides as you want including a call to action. I’ll do the captions, once the basic video is satisfactory.

I think it’s important to have captions, because:

  • Captions are necessary for anyone with hearing difficulties, and having captions boosts the accessibility of your site
  • Many people watch videos on their phone, with the sound off – and captions large enough to be read on the small, small screen of a phone will mean they’re more likely to stop scrolling and watch
  • Captions reinforce the message, and can help make sure that your SME’s message comes through, even if they don’t enunciate every word perfectly.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at what video can do for your firm, let’s talk.

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