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Add wings to your content: infographics

How can you reach out to potential clients who haven’t heard of your firm yet? One way is to create content that your current contacts are likely to share. That often means infographics -- useful, focused and easy to digest. We help you create infographics that present your firm’s ideas effectively, to reach new markets and prospects.

Our newest way to serve you comes out of the most important questions professional services firms face with regards to their content marketing strategy – getting their ideas in front of people who haven’t heard of the firm yet. That’s done best by sharing – in which people who do know about you will share your content with people they know.

Key to this “sharing” idea is to create content that is most likely to be shared. What’s the most shareable kind of content? It has to be:

  • On a highly specific topic that’s of concern to the people you want to reach
  • Easily digested – short and simple
  • Conveyed in more than one way of learning (not just the spoken word, or in text form

The content type that meets these considerations is Infographics. An infographic conveys an idea in images, often with some text added. Internet platforms including websites, Instagarm, Slide Share and Twitter are good ways to display this type of content and then make it both findable and shareable.

Putting your firm’s ideas into visual form

Here are the steps we use to put your firm’s message and ideas in to an attractive, shareable infographic.

Reality check

Not all ideas can be effectively conveyed as an infographic. So, our first step is to work with you to understand what information you want to convey with your infographic, and see if there is a realistic chance of an infographic doing the job for you.

The first sketch

We’ll work on the design for your infographic and determine the wording that is to be used. Depending on your preferences, you may want to review the sketch to see if it works for you, or wait until after the third step, below.

The artist’s rendering

We’ll send the sketch and wording to a graphic designer to do the initial art – which may need some revising if we don’t get it right the first time.

SEO and social media

Because we’re familiar with the topic, it’s often easy for us to prepare some metadata that will make your infographic findable, available and easily shared on social media.
Pricing for this? We can’t say much at this point, partly because it involves considering the time required for the graphic designer’s work. If you’re interested in this option, let’s discuss your needs.

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